The Preparedness Hub was launched in 2023 with the aim of improving preparedness and promoting resilience to health and climate crises across borders, through collaborations and alliances within and beyond Europe. Throughout the year, we participated in a number of events, including an EGHRIN seminar on a whole-of-society-approach to preparedness. In November, we hosted the second meeting of the Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Resilience (PR3) network to review developments and new initiatives to respond to different health hazards.

Importantly, we collaborated with WHO on the report “Urban planning for resilience and health”, which presents key messages on how to build safe, healthy and sustainable cities through effective urban planning practices. We also collaborated with WHO’s European Health Observatory and the OCDE to pilot their new Health System Resilience Test to assess the resilience of Asturia’s health system to heat waves. Finally, we produced three policy briefs in the “All-Hazards Preparedness and Response” series: better preparing for the next public health crisis, coping with economic downturns, and responding to radiological incidents in armed conflict.