Throughout 2023, we continued to engage and share with different stakeholders to ensure that research reaches those who can use it for the benefit of society.
A new hub for a pressing issue

We launched ISGlobal’s Preparedness Hub, which aims to improve preparedness and promote resilience to multiple health hazards, including climate change. The PR3 Hub (preparedness, response, recovery and resilience) held its second network meeting in December to identify future challenges and plan future activities.

Consolidating partnerships…

Throughout the year, we expanded our network of national and international partners through the organisation of the International Global Health Partnership Forum in November, 2023, our collaboration with Morocco on food safety and public health crisis management, the mental health report commissioned by the General Council of Pharmaceutical Associations of Spain, and the launch of the “Día Después” association. We also advised the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) on its health action plan and co-organised with UNICEF a conference to discuss how Spain can maximise its impact and influence in the global health agenda.  

…and alliances in the field

We continued to coordinate and monitor our AECID agreements in Bolivia, Paraguay, Mozambique, and Morocco. Plus, we signed a new collaboration with the Integral Nature Health Foundation (SANIT) in Bolivia to strengthen our joint efforts to reduce the burden of Chagas and other neglected diseases in the country.

Helping vaccines reach every child

Around 12 million children under the age of five have not received a single dose of vaccine. With support from the Open Society Foundation, we launched a project with civil society organisations (CSOs) to analyse barriers and propose solutions so that GAVI can work with- and fund- local CSOs to reach these “zero dose” children, many of whom live in remote communities or conflict-affected regions. The nine countries involved in the project are Bangladesh, Burundi, Cameroon, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Advancing the SDGs

We participated in several sustainable development forums, including the UN Global Compact in Spain (a call for companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles and the 2030 Agenda), the “Aliança Catalunya 2030” and the SDG Observatory for Spanish companies.

Internally, we organised a workshop on the role of scientific advocacy in the EU and started a process of reflection on how to embed and implement a decolonial perspective in ISGlobal.